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Performance optimization in esport – A day to focus on your development as a professional in esports

Learn how to optimize your performance via knowledge on psychology, nutrition, health, and physical exercise. To have a successful career as an esports athlete, certain aspects of physical and psychological health must be fulfilled. To conquer these aspects, we invite you to a performance optimization workshop. A day of intensive focus on your well-being, nutrition, physics, and performance optimization.

Our four experts will each give you a short introduction to their fields of expertise (psychology, general health, nutrition, and physical exercise). This will be followed by a workshop, in which you work on your own strategies to master these performance factors. You will gain knowledge through your work with the other athletes participating.

By the end of the day, you will have learned valuable new information. You will have gotten to know other athletes just like you. Most importantly, you will have a concrete plan for your own continued performance development.

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Psychology: Tricas Esport (Morten Saxtorff)

Nutrition: Bevidste Valg (Christina Nielsen) 

Physical exercise: Stimpac 


Master the player, Master the game. The Tricas Esport perspective. Performance Optimization.

Tricas Esports motto – Master the player, Master the game.

What is performance optimization?

Performance optimization is a term used to describe how you can become a better athlete. It is not focused on just learning new in-game skills or learning how to do simple out-game stuff (like meditation). It is focused on a broader spectrum of factors. In this workshop, we have chosen four factors; psychology, physical health, general health, and nutrition.

In the psychological aspect, we will take a look at mental training. We learn how to develop our mental strength. We will become more aware of our values and motivations for our esport. We will learn how to communicate better.

In the physical health aspect, we will look at physical training beyond what you already know. We will examine how reaction time can be trained. We will look at how we can enhance our focus and concentration via physical exercise.

In the nutritional health aspect, we will learn more about what we put in our bodies. Taking a closer look at how our food and drink can help us optimize our performance. You will gain a better understanding of how to structure your diet to help you perform better.

We look forward to seeing you!

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