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What do we stand for?

 The potential of esport arrives when we can structure our playing seriously, ensuring that we practice essential skills while still keeping the game’s entertainment value’s motivation. This potential for development is what we will give you tools and methods for. Therefore, the purpose of our work is:

To present psychological tools and methods to create esport-journeys that develop human potential.

What is our mission?

The world of esport simply does not use the potential for human development that esport gives us. How can we understand the potential that esport has for psychological development? What tools can we utilize to reach this potential? How can we use esport as a learning journey? 

We stand up for this potential. We empower leaders of the industry to utilize the potential of their athletes, coaches, fans, and gamers all over better.

Who Runs The Organisation?

Morten Saxtorff Andreasen
Morten Saxtorff AndreasenAuthorized Psychologist
Trust, challenge, and transform. These three words define my approach to professional development. That means I use my skills as a psychologist and experience from multiple areas of life to:
– Design and perform competency development interventions
– Research and formulate content for the understanding of human development
– Participate and investigate at every opportunity
Trine Bjerremand Caspersen
Trine Bjerremand CaspersenAuthorized Psychologist
Authorized Neuropsychologist, specialist in psychotherapy and psychotraumatologi. Certified MCT therapist (Metacognition). Invested in creating healthy development for the next generation, with the knowledge accumulated through years upon years of bettering people’s lifes.

Who we worked with

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