Our way of working with Esports

Our purpose with working in esports is to help create strong and healthy careers for individuals

that will carry them into a lasting professional life.

Contribute to a better culture of sane professional development in the esports world.

Be a driving factor in developing new knowledge and methods in esports psychology.

We look forward to working with you.

We teach, facilitate and develop

Communication and feedback culture

Career development

Handling stress, nervousness, and burnout

Team-development and teambuilding


Performance enhancement

Metacognitive-based awareness training

We work with






We do so by

Supervision of esports-athletes, face-2-face via webcam or physical meetings

Team-based communication training and culture enhancement

Leadership based supervision, 1-to-1 and in leadership teams (supervisory boards, team-leaders, etc.)

Organizational seminars with important themes for the entire organization (such as talent-development, etc.)

Our focus points are

No two people are the same; we ALWAYS spend time planning our project together with you. There is no “one-size fits all” when working with people.

Everyone moves at their own pace – but we will pace you to move.

Mastering the player will allow you to master the game.

We collaborate with physical therapists, nutritional advisors and health professionals in a holistic way.

We help to make it clear how competencies developed through eSports can be transferred to other areas of professional work.